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About Fair Auto Fix

Our mission is to help save you money on your next automotive repair or car service. And, the best way is to let you choose which price for your repair best fits your budget. By allowing your local auto repair shops/dealerships/mechanics and independents to send you estimates on what they will charge you for your vehicles service or maintenance needs. Sounds good right? This is Where you have a choice for whom and what price best fits your situation. Being time, price or location you have options to fit your needs. No more calling multiple shops, be put on hold or having to sit in a waiting area for an estimate. Quick, easy and convenient. Let Fair Auto Fix help you meet all your vehicle repair and servicing needs while you carry on with your busy life either on your couch, sitting at your desk, or just on the go. We serve Milwaukee, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

In 3 easy steps you are on your way to having your vehicle problem solved.

Choose which shop and price best fits your time and budget
Open your free account and list your vehicle repair
Schedule your repair
Helps you to find provider and customer

Featured Customers

I just moved to a new area and wasn't sure of a good place to take my vehicle. With Fair Auto Fix the local shops came to me and provided prices on what i needed. Was a big help.

  • Nick Customer

Fair Auto fix helped me save over $200.00 on my engine replacement. The made it easy for me to save.

  • John Smith Customer

It was really fast to post my repair online and i like how the shops come to me with their estimates. Will definitely use it again.

  • Tina Olivia Customer

As a small business owner I am always looking to find new customers and fair auto fix gave me a way to better find and connect with new customers.

  • Tom Cathy Customer

Becoming a member was easy, straightforward and simple.

  • Anderson Customer

I have a pretty tight budget and need my car running properly, Fair Auto Fix let me decide how much i pay for service that wouldn't break my budget.

  • Dior Customer

I don't have time to call around for estimates. Fair auto fix saved me so much time by letting the estimates come to me.

  • Alen Customer

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